Ghosts and the wild west – The abandoned mining town of Argentiera

That’s what I’m talking about: take  Argentiera for instance halfway between Alghero and Stintino (both well – known tourist destinations) on the northwest coast of Sardinia. There you will find something unexpectedly gloomy and definitely creepy as you lay your eyes on the rests of the abandoned mining structures that still endure time and weather conditions. Story tells that after hundreds of years of production the mines closed eventually in 1963.


All of a sudden buildings, blocks, shafts, temporary shelters were all left behind leaving a sort of a hollow void that gives you the feeling that something made everybody leave at the same time. As a result you’ve got this very particular place in front of you seemingly long forgotten by everyone. A place that seems to be a setting of a Sergio Leone western movie after everyone has gone for their lunch break. And  – as you may expect it – many ghost sightings have been reported all over the place too. Now probably you will say that’s for the believers and I did too. Until the sun went down ….


If you you want to know some more about this unique place you can take a look at my post: Iceland in Sardinia – Argentiera.

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