L’acqua e la roccia


I have to tell you something: as much as I love this island (and I believe I’ve seen much less than it has to offer so far) the best thing is to explore every little part of it with friends as sharing seems to be only way to appreciate truly the uniqueness and the variety of its landscape and traditions. Plus I hate to carry water and wine all by myself …

Anyway this time we went to a place called Monteleone Rocca Doria situated halfway between Alghero and Bosa. I really have to tell you that I didn’t expect all these things in one place. We’re talking about a tiny little village on the top of a hill offering a wide range of activities: rock climbing, canoeing, sightseeing and since we accidentally ran into the village festival we had the chance to contemplate the work of local artisans and artists.


Whenever you happen to find yourselves in little villages in Sardinia be prepared that complete strangers will offer you some “welcome drinks” such as a glass of wine as a token of their hospitality. That’s exactly what happened to us while we were wandering around the streets of Rocca Doria and it just put us in the right mood for the rest of our trip.

So after a while we decided to walk towards the quarries. They have been abandoned for a long time now but a new species of wild creatures have conquered the place recently: rock – climbers. Well, looking at these cliffs who could blame them …



Even though the weather is still fine, days are getting shorter therefore around six o’clock we made our way down the hill towards River Temo. Not many rivers can be found in Sardinia (I mean not compared to Finland) but this one is special as it forms a little lake right under the hills – guess the name of the village festival sums it pretty much: L’acqua e la roccia (Water and rock) – offering the possibility to do some canoeing. And the day was just perfect for that … (don’t look for the photos of us canoeing though. We were way too lazy to even think about it… 🙂


Not feeling very sporty for the time being we were rather observing climbers and canoeists than actually participating but nevertheless we felt that kind of tiredness that usually accompanies the days spent outdoors. The ones that give you strength for the upcoming week or maybe even further …



Special thanks to my very talented friend Marco Testoni for some of the photos!!!

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