The day we didn’t find any mushrooms

I was really keen on finding some mushrooms last Saturday (and possibly eat them with some friends in the evening) but then on the path across this little bridge we found ourselves heading for the centre of a forest. In these tiny little hidden places I tend to rethink my priorities. Autumn does that to me. It changes the prospective, the way you look at things. A cool sunny day of autumn doesn’t let you lie down on the ground and take a nap. But it does make you appreciate every ray of light that makes through the trees until it gives you a very personal moment of warmth. I would have fancied a very tender moment with those mushrooms on my plate though. Just trying to sound philosophical about this … DSCN1388 So this time our trip started not far from the mountainous area of Ozieri at a forest called I Fiorentini about 50 km from Sassari and 80 km from Olbia. Needless to say you’d better be patient as roads in Sardinia might be a bit tricky but if you follow the road signs you’ll probably end up where you should (otherwise – as they often say it here – pick a direction and eventually you’ll find yourself on some random beach which sounds good anyway). DSCN1383

DSCN1404 Since the essence of picking mushrooms is not following the path this made us zigzagging the whole forest which is okay anyway as it led us to the highest pine trees of the island. It definitely gives you an unusual feeling as much of the island is covered by the so – called macchia mediterraneaa sort of low shrubland that reigns over the landscape. DSCN1416

The peculiar thing about this forest (apart from the complete absence of mushrooms which I can’t emphasize enough) is that all kinds of domesticated animals (pigs, cows, chickens and horses) were pasturing everywhere in it apparently ignoring us.


I might have mentioned that we didn’t find any mushrooms BUT we did find something though!



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  1. Wonderful photos… as well as what you tell about the day…. That was fantastic… Only now i’ve remembered it and seen it… 😛

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