Well one thing is pretty sure: Alghero is a beautiful pearl situated in the middle of the Mediterranean in the northwest of Sardinia. As a place for your vacation there’s very little this town cannot offer: breathtaking old town with its imposing walls washed by the deep blue sea, cosy restaurants, daily boat/snorkeling trips and the Lido within a 10 minutes walk from the centre. As I’ve spent a couple of summers there I’d be happy to share some of my best moments with you. It might as well give you some ideas what to do in Alghero if you really are looking for something to remember. So put down that brochure you’re holding in your hand and let me show you some fine places you might not want to miss …

First of all, if I were you I would avoid the Lido… Yeah I know it’s probably very close to your accommodation but believe me it takes 10 minutes on bike and you get to beaches much nicer and far less crowded. Just follow the pinewood on your left and pick one of the pathways leading to the shore. If you go further (about 30 mins on bike – but you might want to get on a bus as in summer the heat may turn you into Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas …) you’ll find two of the most beautiful beaches in Alghero called: Le Bombarde and LazzarettoBut there are tons of photos of these places on the internet. What I want to recommend is a massive beach between Argentiera (you might recall the place from one of my previous posts) and Alghero. It’s called Porto Ferro. Paradise of local surfers and people who demand their own 20 square metres of privacy without sharing every moment of the day with little Franceschino who wants to eat every 10 minutes and her mother who wouldn’t let him to because of the pending danger of congestion …

Mid-November in Porto Ferro

Porto Ferro has been an inspiration for many artists throughout the years and I’m very proud to announce that thanks to my priceless contribute in impersonating an unforgettable character such as the Monster aka The Black Mamba, my friend Mauro is on his way to stardom with his new song. Check out the clip.


Capo Caccia and Grotte di Nettuno are probably the main attractions of Alghero. The first is a magnificent 186 meters high promontory visible from the town as well while the second is spectacular cave system in the belly of the hill discovered by local fishermen in the 18th century. Wanna take a look around? Whenever you get there don’t miss the Belvedere as it offers a mesmerizing view over the entire area!

alghero 4

And when I tell you “the entire area” I mean it! In fact just before Capo Caccia there is a huge bay called Porto Conte. There are countless spots and shorelines  where to go depending on your preference. I’ll show you two alternatives – one on foot and one on boat –  as these are my favourite ones.

La Bramassa

Following the road from Alghero towards Lazzaretto further on you will find a roundabout where you should turn left. After a few hundred meters on the left there’s a parking place right in front of a pinewood which is the starting point of our path that leads us as far as Porto Conte. If you are looking for an easy excursion on foot or by bike you’ve found the place.




After a while you’ll get to a spot with a cool view on Capo Caccia. This way you can fully admire the beauty of the Sleeping Giant (I wonder if you can figure it out ….)



Boat trip along the coastline


Now when it comes to boat trips in Alghero I’ve had my fair share of them. To be honest that’s exactly why I chose Alghero in the first place. I’d never had any experience with boats, sea, anchors, ropes, rubber dinghies or any of these things. Not that I’m any better now but at least I’ve had the chance to work with almost all of them. In fact that’s why I tell you sailing with Andrea Jensen may be more expensive than the others but if you’re looking for a full day trip it just might be the perfect choice. Unless you’re seasick … in that case it’s a bad choice!

andrea jensen

andrea jensen1

Spotting dolphins is always a matter of luck so do not believe anyone who says the contrary. Nobody can guarantee dolphin sightings as they are wild animals they won’t answer any call  – even if about a mile away from the port there’s a fish farm and from time to time dolphins gather around there for a while.

andrea jensen2

This is the closest I ever got to become a skipper!


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