When you think you are in Sardinia but then all of a sudden you realize it's Middle Earth
Some of the paths in Sardinia lead you directly to Middle Earth

Expecting spring doesn’t actually mean that one cannot do anything in the meantime. It’s just that days are shorter and colder but you can still go out to some nice places, take a look around, have something to eat and drink (which I appreciate a lot: I mean opening my thermos  – the new entry –  and pouring some hot tea, unfold all sorts of salami and ricotta mustia accompanied with some bread and olives just puts me in the right mood). Basically I’ve been around hiking at the weekends in the NW area of Sardinia and I thought you might be interested in some of these very easily accessible  places. The area is called Nurra (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nurra) a land of about 700 square kilometers obviously confined by the sea in the North and East but apart from the breathtaking but crowded beaches such as La Pelosa in Stintino (http://bit.ly/1A7wzuQ) there are less known places that might deserve your attention. So I’ve decided to show you some of these places until I set my foot on further lands …. – further means more than 60 km. Distances are relative on this island …!

Did you spot the thremos???
Did you spot the thermos???
From Monte Forte you have got an astonishing view on all Nurra area – plains, hills, lakes, camps and the sea everywhere
I find it very comforting that strawberry trees give their fruit even in January
I find it very comforting that strawberry trees give their fruit even in January

I took the next couple of pictures at Punta Giglio another spot you don’t want to miss if you are in the area of Alghero. These shores have always had an important role in defending the land, previously from attacks of ships more recently from airstrikes. Spanish coastal towers from the 16th century and bunkers form the second world war are still there as reminders of past events…

You might know him by the photos he lent me on this blog but now I want you to meet my friend video – maker and musician Marco Testoni!
We let the girls choose the picnic area!

DSCN1453 DSCN1462


And last but not least we got Porto Ferro, the massive beach just ten minutes drive from Alghero. If you scroll down you will find one of the first posts on this blog by the title Argentiera. What I’m planning to do in the spring is to take a walk from Porto Ferro to Argentiera as I’ve been told that it’s a great track for hiking even though it takes more or less 5 – 6 hours. Guess I’m gonna ask someone to pick us up at the end of the road ….

View from the top of the bunkers in Porto Ferro



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