On the road to Bosa


I’ve never been to Ireland but the longer I look at this picture the more it seems Ireland to me. If you’re happened to be Irish please tell me if I’m right or wrong. If you’re Scottish you may express your opinion too. Has anyone ever known anyone from Wales…..?

I decided to give this very original title to this new chapter beacause it’s basically about one particular Sardinian road namely the one between Alghero and Bosa (SP49). I’d taken that road many times and had the chance to admire the stunning view before but this time we decided to take a closer look. While we were driving towards Bosa we saw a lot of paths going down the hills to the shoreline but the one we were looking for is called Managu (and it’s about 30km from Alghero). To tell you the truth if it hadn’t been for my friends I’d still  be cursing at the hunters who seemingly occupied the exact same place I was looking for but then we found out it was a couple of kilometers further down the road. Arguing with armed hunters didn’t seem a good idea anyway …

Once you begin walking down the path you find one of those ruins that used to be a sheepfold but has been abandoned now for a long time. These buildings were often made by the shepherds themselves and even though they don’t use them anymore they are in perfect harmony with the landscape.




January has given us three sunny weekends so far so can’t complain about the weather. Temperature is around 12 – 14 degrees during the day but gets chilly in the evening and in the morning too. This means that there’s no rush in the morning, no point in arriving at these places at 7 o’clock. In fact these wintertime “mini-hikes” last a couple of hours which is just the right amount of time to breathe some fresh air, take a walk and get together with some friends. And when you discover places like this it all makes sense anyway!




Once we arrived at the rocky beach we found a large number of sea urchins (or rather their shells) all over the place. Sea urchins are considered to be one of the delicacies of the Mediterranean cuisine and this time of the year is their season. But don’t be greedy once you get your hands on some of them as 50 is the maximum you can keep for yourself! Unless you are willing to pay a fine of a couple of thousand euros…


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