Waterfall and the Quickening


The more I see of this island the more I blame myself for not having started wandering before. Not that it’s going away or something … now that every time is a good time for some hiking I’ve found out that there are some unexpected places and things all over here. I mean just this week it was announced that 3000 years old vine has been found in south – central area of Sardinia which dates back viticulture from the Phoenician era to the Bronze age in this side of the Mediterranean. This also explains why I can’t say no to Cannonau (http://bit.ly/1ve4Qwt).

So we were headed for a waterfall called Triulintas on the other day about 45km from Sassari when somehow we came across the ruins of the medieval Castello dei Doria from the 14th century in Chiaramonti.  Probably I really should go to Ireland and Scotland because this castle made me think of the Highlander movie (whoever of you is old enough to remember that piece of art :-). And as I still believe to be one of the ‘hidden immortals’ (since I first saw the original movie) I could sense Sean Connery through the ‘quickening’. For the ones who have no idea what I’m talking about: shame on you and a link to redeem yourselves: http://bit.ly/1nfdJP2

Can you see the tower? There must be a great view form there if only the wind wouldn't blow you out into the space...
Can you see the tower? There must be a great view from there if only the wind wouldn’t blow you out into the space…

Triulintas - Chiaramonti1

And now to the waterfall! To be honest I would have wanted to show you an other waterfall but since this week the ‘rainy season’ has started it’s worth waiting a couple of days to make sure that there’s enough water flowing there. I’m telling you this because some of you might be reading this article from places where waterfalls are much higher and spectacular. Give me some time and I’ll show you the real deal!


The path to this place is quite easy to find once you’re used to the absence of indications until you are already at the place. Anyway the trail leads you from the tiny village of Martis right to the waterfall. Once you get there you might want to climb up to the surrounding slopes to take a better look at the landscape and if the weather is fine why not take a nap in the fields claiming it yours for a couple of hours ….



The Triulintas waterfall is about 15 meters high. A watermill used to be there using the moving water as its power source but now you can hardly find its ruins. The path itself is remarkably green and vivid even if we are having the coldest days of the year and it’s been snowing for days up in the mountains in the inland  (did you know that there are ski runs in Sardinia?  – we’ll get back to that).





So hopefully next time I’ll be able to show you that ‘big deal’ I was talking about but until then I want to thank all of you for your comments and I’d be glad to answer your further questions. Remember that you can find other photos and details on my Twitter and Instagram account:

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