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Well first of all I wanted to share this little video footage with you because this is how I felt  and the sound that came to my mind when finally we got to the waterfall called Capo Nieddu. Since I’m no videomaker it took me a tremendous time and effort to put together this thing and probably an 8-year-old kid would do better. I should have turned the camera horizontally and use a tripod (I know that by know). Hope you like it anyway and please let me know if you have any suggestions about videomaking!

So some of you who accidentally read this blog might remember that I mentioned earlier that I’d been waiting for the right weather conditions to visit a very special place. THIS IS IT! One of the few waterfalls in Italy and the only one in Sardinia that actually  – after a 40 metres fall – drops into the sea. It’s on the west coast of the island not far from Oristano about 5 – 6 km from the village of Cuglieri. Whoever wants to reach the waterfall should be looking for the “Capo Nieddu Resort” road sign as once you get there it’s only a matter of a short walk to reach the place.

But fear not as very specific indications are at your disposal on the path:



Funny thing about this waterfall is that it’s temporary. The little river that feeds it disappears almost completely during the summer so spring is the best time for a hike otherwise you won’t find anything but some rocks and a great view over the sea which is great but not that unlikely on an island …


First days of spring by the river. Easy to think that winter is over. You’d better think twice unless you want to catch the flu like I did …
This where it gets three dimensional
This where it gets three-dimensional




Can you see that natural pool under the waterfall? It seems impossible to reach that spot but in the meantime I have found out that there is a way to get there. Don’t know where though … But I gotta get down there and take some pictures from the bottom. If I succeed without breaking some bones I’ll share the pics as soon as possible.  This suspense is probably going to stop the world from spinning, right 🙂

So we haven’t finished with Capo Nieddu, yet! Can’t wait to go back! To be continued …


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