Supermegarambo mission reloaded

You know ever since we went to visit Capo Nieddu about a month ago I’ve been thinking how to get to the bottom of it. I’ve been looking for some info, indications by fellow hikers but found nothing at all. Saw some pics taken from that spot which made me even more curious and jealous obviously.

“So why don’t you go and see this waterfall of yours?” – you might be asking right now. And I will answer with a photo:

Took this photo back in March to show you how high the rocks are … (about 40 – 45 meters)

Where would you go down? The mission clearly needed some brainstorming! As none of us had the slightest idea how to do it.

DSCN2265 DSCN2268

Anyway I still don’t know where the track is – or whether there is one – but somehow I made my way to the bottom because I really wanted to be there. I had only one chance on this  – at least this year – as “waterfall season” is about to end in Sardinia as temperature rises and rain becomes less frequent in the summer. In fact if you compare the flow of the waterfall to the one about a month ago you can easily see the difference (

Is it smiling?

DSCN2282 DSCN2286

Standing close to the waterfall is refreshing but watch out for the falling rocks from above!


Leave me a message here or on twitter if you want to find out where the track is but I think going there by a rubber dinghy is much safer and offers the same view!

Apart from this supermegarambo2 mission this Sunday was as relaxing as it could possibly be with friends/picnic/cool river/wine in it/lying on the ground/ let’s hope it won’t ever end.



Well the waterfall almost did not fit in our selfie so we told it to get a bit closer! Thanks Luca for the pic!

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