Why not go to the beach?


I wouldn’t say that going to the beach on the first days of May is something completely unexpected but weather might be a bit unpredictable in this period of the year. Personally I’m not a fan of staying on the beach all day long but after winter becomes a memory and spring turns into summer can’t help myself rushing to one of my favourite shores in North Sardinia. In fact most of the posts on this blog are about hiking, bushwalking, climbing ect. but hey after all this is one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean so let’s enjoy a relaxing day on the beach. Don’t you agree?


This place is not far from the most famous beach of North Sardinia called La Pelosa (http://bit.ly/1EQPIra) which is a truly spectacular place, probably unique with its Caribbean – like landscape. It’s a must for all of you who visit the island but it usually becomes annoyingly overcrowded in the summer.

This spot of mine on the other hand is a true haven if you’re willing to take a ride and walk a little along the path. You won’t find any bars, showers, deckchairs¬†or any of these things. You got only what you bring with you (so bring a lot of water!)


definitely no queue!



And at the end of the day when we all quite looked like lobsters and the temperature let us reach the car we saw a massive moon looking back at us. No trick, no filter… It was huge, I wonder why…



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    1. Hi David, it’s not easy to explain where the place is but if you have a look at the map (https://sardiniaunknown.wordpress.com/2015/04/04/stoned-tour-guides-the-path-to-torre-della-pegna/)
      you should scroll up until you find a place called Pozzo San Nicola. Going there by car you’ll find yourself in a roundabout in just before Pozzo San Nicola. You should go towards Palmadula and after a couple of kms you’ll find the road sign ‘villaggio nurra’. That is the place.
      Hope this helps!!! Have a good time!

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