A solitary walk – The northwest coast PART 2


Actually I didn’t think I’d be back so soon but even though it rained on Saturday, Sunday offered some perfect weather for a walk along the track we had started with Pietro and Ale last weekend.

This time it was a solitary walk. As much I usually sing the hymn of everlasting friendship and how I fancy good company I have to tell you that a couple of hours alone may be just as relaxing (no beer though …)

As you can see on the map the place where I was heading for is called Isola dei Porri which is about 1.5 hour walk from where we left the car last time (http://bit.ly/1PtjGsb). The coast was almost empty and I saw only a few people on the track which gave me the possibility to contemplate all the bays, cliffs, boulders, paths along the road. Starting with this one that you may recall from the last post – the one where the wooden ladder is. Well this time it was all mine!!!




This place is special even from a practical point of view. I believe that the best period for a walk along the coast is around April/May BUT since there’s a bay every twenty minutes it definitely ease the fatigue the heat may cause during the summer months especially when you are carrying a backpack. The remedy is always near and the reward is worthy.

As my friend Sancho would say:
As my friend Sancho would say: Down with the socks!


Sitting and staring
Sitting and staring

Now I’d like to show you some peculiar things that I found on the trek while heading towards Isola dei Porri. I guess the good thing about solitary walks is that you dedicate as much time as you want to the things you are particularly interested in. You know the little details that only you would notice adding your very own imagination – which is in my case a mixture of every landscape form Star Wars/Lord of the Rings/Dragon ball – and some stuff from your subconscious that not even you know where comes from …

Shape of the cliff in the background looks like the head of a pig (it sure looks a carp to me though...)
People say that the shape of the cliff in the background looks like the head of a pig (it sure looks a carp to me though…)
The winner of the amazon marathon
The winner of the amazon marathon
Do dogs walk babies in strollers?
Do dogs walk babies in strollers?
Not the usual fisher(wo)men, are they?
Not the usual fisher(wo)men, are they?

So this time my final destination was Isola Dei Porri which is situated around 50 – 60 meters in front of the mainland. That doesn’t mean that the track stops there. Basically you could walk all day long heading towards Stintino and after a while you would find yourself at the northest point of the island with the Strait of Bonifacio that separates Sardinia from Corsica. That would be a lot of walking though … and then a lot of swimming considering that this strait has one of the strongest currents in the Mediterranean. By the way this part of the coastline revealed itself refreshingly windy both times I’ve been there and waves became surprisingly high at times. Nonetheless the little bays offer some peace and calmness.


And so here it is ladies and gentlemen: Isola dei Porri. Not much stuff on the island itself but sure looks fine, don’t you agree?


One of the very few human beings I met this day. Can you spot him?

Anyway I’m kind of glad to have taken this hike  – with some 2 hours nap on the beach  – because as I said I’d had no idea about this magnificent path along the northwest coast and all the beauty it offers.

Yeah hiking is great but it’s even better with a beach at the end of it! What do you say?


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  1. I can see you decided to go and complete the track:)
    Well done my friend and I am glad you enjoyed it!
    You are spotted on about the chance to carry on walking along the coast towards capo falcone!
    If you have time one day is worth walking from la frana heading north, reaching the “pig face” … With even more coast to cover after that:)
    Loads of miles to walk my friend… ‘Hope we share some of them:)

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