The haunted villa of Sassari

Now that summer has arrived going on a hike is becoming increasingly difficult. A full day walking requires a lot of energy and a certain amount of water. Many of the treks you can find on this blog (and hopefully many to come yet) can still be done in the summer but I would advise a shortened version of them unless you want to turn it into a military training …

Torre della pegna ( is a four hours walk under the sun and basically jumping from one rock to the other. The waterfall of Capo Nieddu ( disappeared a couple of weeks ago and it probably won’t be back until next winter/spring. So let’s not underestimate the scorching hot of summer days and find out what else is there!

Walking in the woods on the other hand might be one of the right choices to make in this period of the year. I’m saying this because I think you already know the alternative that is so obvious it hardly has to be pointed out: the beach! Well for that you will find tons of info elsewhere on various sites of agencies and tour operators. What I’m about to show you is the haunted villa on the outskirts of Sassari. You tell me if it’s worth following me!


It is known as the haunted villa of a valley called Logulentu just about twenty minutes from the city center of Sassari ( the biggest city in the north of Sardinia. Sure didn’t expect such an enchanted place just a few minutes from the place I live. In fact that gave me the idea to show some places in Sassari that are unknown/ignored by most of the people visiting this area. There’s a lot to talk about and it is going to take some time to show them but I’ll try my best. Let me know if you have any preferences!

The view from one of the windows on the other side of the valley
The view from one of the windows on the other side of the valley

It is difficult to find out something more about the history of this place. What seems to be certain is that this area used to belong to a marquis who surrounded his property with a beautiful garden and some paths to wander around. In fact you can still make out the ruins of ancient walls that have been almost completely covered with savage-looking plants. People talk about spirits dancing around the little lake and the kiosk at night. Next time we are going to have to see it for ourselves …




Mind you step!
Mind you step!

I’ve got a feeling that there’s more to see in this area so I’m planning to go back (after some research in the library) and get to the bottom of it until I find out who the marquis was. Otherwise the spirits may decide to fill me in! Either way I’ll get you posted!

The kiosk - the real gem of this long forgotten garden.
The kiosk – the real gem of this long forgotten garden.

UPDATE (2015 – 06 – 09) : I’ve been asked a couple of times where this place is. I’m adding a map so you can find it on your own, too! If you have any questions write a comment!

If you switch to ‘street view’ you’ll see a telephone pole on the left side of the road. That’s where the path starts and it takes about 10 – 15 minutes to get to the kiosk! Have fun!

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