We’ve had a particularly hot summer  in Sardinia so far. Temperature has been rising since June and some days are extremely scorching (around 40 degrees) so you have to find a way to deal with it.

It occurs to me that the first and the last couple of hours of the day are the best if you want to go the beach. No crowd, no sweating, crystal clear water and refreshing baths. And yes, this time I’m talking about beaches and alternative ways of having fun because to be honest, hiking is not an option this time of the year. At least not here in north Sardinia.

Anyway I’ve got many things on my mind to do this summer and if only the half of them comes true we’ll have a good time. But surely I won’t be able to go everywhere and do all the things I’d like to so remember: you can easily find festivals of different kinds (literature, local wine and beer, food, music ect.) here in the summer and I’m trying to post them on twitter ( as often as I can so check it out if you are looking for something fun in Sardinia while you are on holiday.

This time I will show you a couple of my favourite places in north Sardinia where we usually go with friends. But first of all let me introduce you the one and only COOL BAG the inseparable equipment of everyone with some dignity!

This particular piece of art belongs to my friend Luca. Apart from the fact that you can basically transfer your whole fridge in it, it makes you visible at night.

Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you people. Prepare yourselves: there are legions of these ‘warriors of the summer‘ fiercely dragging beach umbrellas, beach cots, cool bags and backpacks on the beach until they conquer their very own piece of it declaring war to the rest of mankind. In any case if you have a cool bag like this people usually subdue for obvious reasons. Each and every member of the ‘warriors of summer‘ is capable of destroying an entire army of ‘white walkers‘ from Game of Thrones…. just sayin’!

As from a gastronomical point of view you may want to take a closer look at the variety of dishes displayed on the top of the cool bag. Now I know that you’ve recognized the sausage and slices of bread. But you haven’t drunk Tuborg from a cup of melon, have you? (By the way I’m already preparing a post about Sardinian craft beers – some very good stuff, definitely not Tuborg)

In our next journey I will reveal what other mysteries a cool bag can contain. One thing is sure, we are only at the beginning of discovering this new world of possibilities.

DSCN2764-001We went to this other place that you may recall from a previous post called Porto Ferro. Only this time we took another road that leads you directly to the Spanish coastal towers at the end of the beach. We did so because we wanted find out more about an abandoned villa somewhere in that area in the countryside. We didn’t actually find it but we did find places worth seeing…


porto ferro - lago baratz


Porto Ferro is a very nice beach not far from Alghero. One of the few places where you can bump into some concerts at the weekend and still have the possibility to stay on the beach undisturbed as it is quite a long one. This part of the shoreline is particularly peaceful because not everyone is willing to walk 20 minutes on the beach to get there. Then if you decide to take a walk up to tower you will find yourself staring at this view!


And now let’s move towards north a little bit and take a break in Stintino. No doubt about the beauty of this place as it has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world called La Pelosa. The only thing is that it is quite hard to spot the beach as it’s packed with people in the summer. BUT: Now I will reveal to you what is the best place in Stintino. Right after La Pelosa there is a little bar on the rocks in front of one of the hundreds of Spanish coastal towers in Sardinia. If you get there around 5 o’clock in the afternoon people will start going away and here you go with your tiny little beach and the best beach bar of the area. Not that I want to convince you … Just check out these pics I took about a week ago!

Whenever you drop by the bar you’ll have the pleasure to meet Marco, the most cheerful bartender of Sardinia 🙂


Bye for now, see you soon as we have big plans this summer! There’s so much sardiniaunknown to discover. Stay tuned 🙂

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