From dusk till dawn – Camping in summer

DSCN3052Towards the end of July when you have already been exposed to the sun for at least 3 months the only relief that you find at night is the beach. It’s not just that you can go for a night bath whenever you want but the fact that you are surrounded by the most relaxing things. Those little tents and some stuff we brought to eat and drink were all we needed that night. I don’t know much about gears, special equipment or how to survive for days living on roots and ants. As I told you before it’s about being in nice places with friends.

This is a photo diary of one of those nights on the beach. From dusk till dawn and all in between.


Photo by Marco Testoni
Photo by Marco Testoni
Photo by Marco Testoni
Photo by Marco Testoni
Photo by Marco Testoni
Photo by Marco Testoni
Photo by Marco Testoni

By the way if you’ve been following me on twitter in these last months you might have noticed that there’s a social movie contest in Sardinia. It’s called Sardinia in a day ( and the guys who organized it have been doing a very god job to share the word and involve as many people as possible. The deal is simple: you can send them any kind of video footage made on 8th of August in Sardinia and they will edit all the stuff into a movie in 2016. We thought this place might represent one of the coolest thing that we can associate to Sardinia. Hope our footage will be chosen!!!



I’d be glad to tell you that I slept all night undisturbed, feeling in perfect harmony with the sea taking in all the good vibes mother nature shared with me but that would be far from true. I don’t sleep well in these small tents and humidity might have something to do with it too. Anyway I woke up at around 6 o’clock in the morning and decided to take a walk up to those slopes that embrace the beach as the sun was coming up just the other side of them. But I surely didn’t expect to see such a spectacular sunrise. Ever changing mist like a river flowing among the hills straight into the sea, patient greedy spiders waiting for their first prey of the day, cool morning breeze and me trying to blend in.







On the way back from my early walk to our tents I stopped for a second to take a look at the bay below. Since everybody was sleeping and there was no sign of people at that hour, the feeling of being alone got stronger. Alone as in you and your personal sunrise on your island. The more you let yourself take in the magnificent landscape in front of you the more it becomes yours. You begin to recognize the shoreline, the hills and the shape of the scattered little islands in the sea not only by looking at them but also from your memories.

In that moment you know that it’s home.


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  1. Beautiful words and pictures Sardinia Unknown! I love the idea of placing candles in the sand. It sets a perfect atmosphere! What area of Sardinia is this and what beach? I would love to do some camping in the fall and your post is inspiring me!

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for your kind words they are much appreciated!!!! This particular area is on the north west coast of Sardinia which is full of these nice little beaches and tiny bays along the coast from Bosa to Stintino. If you’re around next time we’re going together 🙂

        1. Hi veetmaya,

          To tell you the truth I know better north Sardinia than the south but I know that there are some beautiful places near Cagliari too (I’d be glad to go there sometime soon). I’d recommend Villasimius, Chia, Pula in the first place as they’re quite close to Cagliari. If you’re looking for something ‘wilder’ Ogliastra is the right place (from Orosei along the coastline down to the south). Hope this helps, have fun!

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