Well if this is autumn …


By the way I’m celebrating the first birthday of sardiniaunknown.wordpress.com today! Thanks for your support, comments and questions. I really do hope I’ll be able to show you a lot more in the forthcoming year!!! Stay tuned and follow me on twitter and instagram for more pics and updates!

It’s been a pleasure to walk with you!

And now back to the island 🙂

A piece of advice if you don’t mind: visit Sardinia in September. I know I’ve said this about quite every month of the year but believe me this is the right month to stay on the beach without being surrounded by thousands of people (if you choose the right place) and if the weather should be cloudy or windy it is still fine to take a walk as temperature is still around 25 – 30 degrees.

So I’m going to show you what I did these last two weekends of September.

First there was the GP of the Italian Surf Championship at Marinedda Beach called Frozen Open2015 (http://bit.ly/1Nq6Isd) last weekend. I’d never seen this contest before so it was a surprise for me too…. and what a blast! Stunning beach, cool waves and spectacular contest. But let me show you:







The other place may look familiar to you as I wrote about it at the beginning of May (http://bit.ly/1XVWjJN) but now I wanted to show it to Elisa, too. I know it’s a commonplace but the place really seemed like the Caribbean and since nobody was there we could enjoy the exclusiveness of the moment. Except that we ran into a swarm of wasps so we had to take the long road until the beach …. but I think you’ll agree when I’m saying we were awarded well enough.

What did I tell you? One of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen!
That’s what you get after a 45 min walk
Me and myself. It takes sometime to accept that ‘crystal – clear’ really does exist!


The spectacular north-west coast


This is where the road ends (or begins…)

I’m often asked if there are “hidden” beaches that I know of. You know the ones where very few people go and where you can stay by yourself. The answer is definitely yes. Sardinia is full of “hidden gems” you only have to understand that a true Queen wouldn’t reveal herself in the first date.

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