Indian summer – my idea of a perfect lazy day

And here we go again. Autumn is definitely back. In the last few weeks we’ve had at least three serious storms swirling around the island and due to insufficient prevention they’ve caused some damage again. On the other hand though if you get lucky, weather could be more than satisfying, bringing back summer feelings and real good vibes. I’ve got some great plans for this autumn as hiking season is definitely back but first I wanted to share this particular day with you so that you can’t say it’s all about waking up early in morning and start walking to some godforsaken place (which is great anyway…)

The idea came up the day before actually while we were drinking some beers with friends (as far as I’m concerned it’s always a good starting point). As weather forecast had said that it would be warm and sunny the day after we decided to go for it and since Marco and Patrizia have a weekend house in Stintino very close to the beach the deal was done.

This is the view Stintino offered in the morning upon our arrival.



To be honest I’d also written on twitter just before we left that I was sure we wouldn’t find many people on the beach (despite the fact that we are talking about La Pelosa, one of the most beautiful and busy beaches of Sardinia) because it was already October. I guess I have still much to learn before I let myself predict the future again as the beach was packed with people so we preferred staying in a little bay that you might recall from one of my previous posts (

But now let’s get to the point. L’arrostita di pesce – grilling fish. Let me tell you that I hadn’t eaten fish for about 10 years until this summer. Don’t know what happened, don’t know why but I guess it all started with a huge amount of bottarga ( that I’ve eaten in this year. Probably it has altered my palate and the thing that once had no real value for me has become something I talk, dream and think about ever since the day of the barbecue.

Just look at this beauty. I only wish you could not only see but smell it too. (Hope I don’t sound like Jamie Oliver anyway ….)

Let me introduce you to my new best friends: orate e calamari (breams and squids)


The next couple of pictures were taken by Patrizia Peigottu ( one of the most talented photographers I know  – as for obvious reasons I didn’t have the chance to meet Vivian Maier personally but I did see her work at MAN in Nuoro – and you can too until 18 October (

It’s a pleasure to be able to post her pics on my blog as she is much better than me at seizing the moment and the right atmosphere we all felt that day.

mojo workin'
mojo workin’
Marco and Piera foolin around
Marco and Piera foolin around


And yes we did have a bath and we did take a walk on the shore and we played some songs with Marco (who is my long – time blues brother and great rock n’ roll performer ( and Piera (a new and fresh voice in the Sardinian musical life) and stuff but you can’t take photos all time, can you?

see you soon
see you soon

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