Exploring hidden paths


Got to tell you that having this car around puts me in the right mood every time. It must be because it means hiking in good company and Pietro (camineras.it) knows how to surprise me again and again even though we’ve walked together several times now (Isola dei porri, Supramonte di Baunei to mention a couple of them). This time we visited a fabulous area  on the north west coast of Sardinia.

Everything that you are about to see can be reached in a 3 – 4 hour hike but soon we’ll be back to accomplish the extended version of this trail which could last a couple of hours more. Not that you realize it when you are on the move.

This trek in particular is one of the most spectacular ones I’ve ever seen in the area of Alghero and although I can’t say I’m an expert of the stunning mountains of Supramonte, I still had the feeling that for some aspects this enchanting place is as unique as its more famous ‘cousins’ in central Sardinia.

This my friends is truly Sardinia unknown – follow us!

Right after a 20 min walk you get to have a fantastic panoramic view on the Gulf of Porto Conte with Capo Caccia on the right
Took this pic during an earlier trek on a sunnier day in January

As for the gear and adequate clothing can’t say that this trail requires anything special. However we brought some ropes and clearly you need hiking boots for this kind of terrain. It’s better if you already have some experience as there are no proper paths to follow but you have to find your way towards cliffs but considering the fact that the sea remains on your left it shouldn’t be very challenging.  Be advised though: seemingly you can easily cross this shrubland but actually it might become a real pain if you find yourself in the middle of it. Unless you call yourself ‘machete‘ its kind of hard to get out of it! So you’d better get closer to the cliffs while you’re approaching your destination.

If you do find yourself in the middle of it then … let’s say shit happens so buckle up and prepare yourself for the battle!!!


And rest assured it will worth the effort! I’ve always hated that: ‘no pain no gain’ stuff but if you really want to explore these stunning places getting there makes it only more enjoyable. But I guess if you’re reading this post you are probably used to walking so don’t have to explain anything, right?

And then again who would call this pain???




Taking a break


going down
going up
and in between
and in between
Sentinels from ancient times
Sentinels from ancient times
This is when Pietro told me: “I know you’d like to go on walking but let’s leave something for the next time when days are longer” – that’s mind reading!



Once you are back on the top again you have the chance to take a look at all the familiar places but from a completely new perspective – Porticciolo with the Spanish coastal tower and Porto Ferro further on the coast.


Hiking selfie
Hiking selfie

Stay tuned for the next the next hike and don’t forget to check www.facebook.com/sardiniaunknown/ for more pictures, updates and upcoming events and hikes. All your comments and questions are more than welcome!

Ps: Thanks Pietro for the pics!












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