Anyone for skiing, snowboarding or sledging? Yes you can!

Well if you thought that there’s only walking, trekking, hiking, climbing, torrenting, canyoning, kayaking, bouldering, diving, paragliding and cycling in Sardinia you were completely wrong!

There’s sledging, skiing, snowshoeing and snowboarding too. Didn’t see that coming, did you?


As a matter of fact neither did I. In fact I was really looking forward to finally seeing the only place where you can do winter sports…. not that I’m an expert of winter sports.

This is a short video on how I got myself humiliated by a 5 years old kid on the ski run riding a sled!

Anyway I’ve been telling you for more than a year now that Sardinia has many faces and since I started my ‘four season‘ exploring I’ve become even more convinced about that. What makes that even more obvious than the fact that for a couple of weekends a year you can grab your gear and head towards the stunning mountains of Gennargentu?





The exact place is called Bruncu Spina (here you can check the snow level on their webcam: Bruncu Spina webcam) and it can be easily reached from the nearby village called Fonni. We are talking about a 5 ski runs and a skilift that takes you to the top of the mountain. Also there is a chalet at your disposal where you can get something to eat and drink (breakfast, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, pasta, beer ect. at a very reasonable price) or have some rest during the day (they shut down the skilift at 4.30 pm).

Being a small facility which is open only for a couple of weekends (from Friday to Sunday!!!) it cannot be compared to those ski paradises in Germany or Switzerland but it is charming nevertheless. I mean we are in Sardinia!!!



The chalet
If you can’t ski than you’d better try sledging otherwise get in the line for the skilift

For those who are not really used to skiing (or not all, like myself) I would really recommend sledging as an alternative solution to enjoy your stay in the mountains. It was much more fun than I’d thought, check out the video: sledging in Sardinia



As for the gear, you can rent everything there (except ski suit) but be advised if you arrive there after 9 o’clock it’s quite unlikely to find something still available or not broken… Prices are very low compared to the usual ones (we spent 30 euros for a daily ski pass and a pair of skis).

I couldn’t help myself looking for some treks while the others were having fun and sipping their hot chocolate in the chalet. As a matter of fact there are some stunning paths here in the mountains of Gennargentu that I’d really love to explore one day. Snowshoeing might be an option too but you need some equipment to do that as going there unprepared would be a very bad idea and extremely tiring.

playground for the rookies
Inviting view


So to sum it up: this place is really something. And if you consider the fact that a friend of mine who lives in Alghero sent me a pic of her enjoying the sun on the beach on the same day it really adds something to the SARDINIAUNKNOWN feeling.

I wonder if I can learn how to ski next winter in Sardinia … that would be fun!












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