Monte Limbara


It really is unbelievable people! I’ve got the feeling that one lifetime won’t be enough to see all these stunning places Sardinia has to offer. But one step at a time I will try to show you as much as possible but the real deal would be if you could see it for yourselves. Photos, images, maps, videos might give a hint what I’m talking about but having a view of mountains, lakes and green slopes in front of you is something one should experience in first hand. Whenever you do, add to your list the magnificent Mount Limbara!

Now is the time! Spring in Sardinia offers multiple destinations for everyone who likes outdoor sports: hiking, trekking, climbing, canyoning or something that has no name at all but it makes you feel fine somewhere out there!



So what is so special about spring? One word: water.

Mount Limbara is in the north west area of Sardinia called Gallura. One of the very few places where you can find crooks and small streams even in summer when the rest of the island has already surrendered to the scorching heat. In fact spring might be called the waterfall season too (take a look at the most spectacular one: Capo Nieddu). Most of these waterfalls are active only for a couple of months and Mount Limbara has a very high concentration of them even if they are not always very easy to reach.



Although the highest peak of Mount Limbara is 1362 meters the whole area is about 200 square km wide which means a lot of paths and a slightly different climate compared to the surrounding territory. So let’s say in March there might be 15 degrees in the valley and in the nearby town called Tempio Pausania but in the mountains it may be a bit lower (around 10 degrees). On the other hand it is refreshing in early summer when tempretaure rises above 30 degrees….

But more importantly it really is a spectacular, wild and immense territory.


This peak is at 1300 meters and called Giugantinu. I’m not a religious person but I was really trying to get to that cross…

I don’t how good you are at climbing (I’m definitely not an expert) but let me tell you one thing about these rocks: although it doesn’t seem difficult  for the first sight but as water covers much of the surface it makes climbing tiring and a bit difficult. These rocks are extremely smooth and slippery so it’s challenging to find the right grip (guess I’m going to gave to bring some ropes next time). Let me know if you’ve found a better way!

route number one (dismissed)


route number two (dismissed)
here we go
by the way I’ve found the Mother of all rocks 🙂

Mount Limbara is about a one and a half hour drive from Sassari and about an hour from Olbia so if you are spending some time in north Sardinia I would highly recommend a visit. There are about a dozen paths that you can follow (surprisingly well signed) based on your interests: waterfalls and crooks, peaks, fields, lakes and ponds and they do not require any special skills so it really depends on you how far you want to go!

If I were you I wouldn’t miss at least one of the peaks so that you can admire a vast slice of north Sardinia in front of you!

Worth a little effort, don’t you think?
Crossroad of mountain paths. Rush hour…
I had a feeling of being watched…
Silent monsters at Punta Balistreri (1359 m) with some snow covering the surface in mid March
No edges here – Rain and wind took care of that!
Eli and the mountain




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