Alghero and everything you wish for

Well one thing is pretty sure: Alghero is a beautiful pearl situated in the middle of the Mediterranean in the northwest of Sardinia. As a destination for your vacation there’s very little this place cannot offer: breathtaking old town with its imposing walls washed by the deep blue sea, cosy restaurants, daily boat/snorkeling trips and the Lido within a 10 minutes walk from the centre. As I’ve spent a couple of summers there I’d be happy to share some of my best moments with you. It might as well give you some ideas what to do in Alghero if you really are looking for something to remember.

As usual I’ll be showing you some outdoor activities you might feel like trying which include simple walks and hikes along one of the most amazing coastlines in Sardinia and you will also find some links if you are into visiting a via ferrata or do some coasteering in the area.

Capo Caccia and Grotte di Nettuno are probably the main attractions in the vicinity of Alghero. The first is a magnificent 186 meters high promontory visible from the town as well while the second is a spectacular cave system in the belly of the hill discovered by local fishermen in the 18th century. Wanna take a look around? Whenever you get there don’t miss the Belvedere as it offers a mesmerizing view over the entire area!

Isola Foradada (Hollow Island) – can be seen at Belvedere. I guess I don’t have to explain where the name comes from. The tunnel in the middle doesn’t go through the whole island but smaller boats and kayaks can easily get into.


The stunning contrast between the deep blue see and the imposing milestone crags


“The passage” from a little closer

At  “Belvedere” (where you can park your car or get off the bus) you will find yourself in an absolutely priviliged situation as you have various options you can choose from and all of them are spectacular! 

Setting off from the parking place you can follow the rocky coastline on the left. A clear path (with cairns) will lead you to a cave called Grotte di vasi rotti where you can enjoy the view on the magnificent white(ish) cliffs of Alghero as they stretch out towards the not very distant beaches of Porticciolo and Porto Ferro.

Climbing up a little bit more you’ll get to the starting point of the most breathtaking via ferrata in north Sardinia called Cabirol (which is unfortunately locked down at the moment)


This cave offers a magnificent view on the whole area of Capo Caccia and Porto Conte and it's aonly a 20 min walk from the parking lot.
The cave offers a magnificent view on the whole area of Capo Caccia and Porto Conte and it’s only a 20 min walk from the parking lot.

Right from the cave you can easily spot Alghero’s famous climbing spot called Casarotto on the opposite crag which has many stunning routes to offer along with a very nice view.

Casarotto – a climbing paradise

However the list of exciting places to visit doesn’t end here! From the parking place at Belvedere walking along the road after about 100 meters (where the first curve is) you’ll come across a path that after around one and a half hour of easy but very enjoyable walk will take you to an ancient Spanish coastal tower situated on the highest point of the coast. This particular hike is described here.

Also, the cove called Cala Dragunara just under the parking place offers a small coasteering circuit if you are up to some climbing and jumping from the cliffs which is a very good idea to substitute walking on hot summer days!

La Bramassa

Following the road from Alghero towards Lazzaretto further on you will find a roundabout where you should turn left. After about a kilometer on the left there’s a parking place which is the starting point of our path that leads us to Porto Conte. If you are looking for an easy excursion on foot or by bike that combines walking under the woods and in the shrubland, along the coastline and up to the cliffs you’ve found the place.

Capo Caccia seen from this side of the coastline explains better why it’s called “the sleeping giant”
Punta Giglio and its spectacular limestone cliffs on a windy winter day

However another logical consideration would be: why not get on a boat and take a ride? Indeed you are right! Why not?

Now when it comes to boat trips in Alghero I’ve had my fair share of them. To be honest that’s exactly why I chose Alghero in the first place. I’d never had any experience with boats, sea, anchors, ropes, rubber dinghies or any of these things. Not that I’m any better now but at least I’ve had the chance to work with almost all of them. So no matter which one you choose based on your budget and time or whether you prefer avoiding the crowd, sail off for a couple of hours will definitely add something new to your stay!

andrea jensen1
Sailing along the shores

Spotting dolphins is always a matter of luck so do not believe anyone who says the contrary. Nobody can guarantee dolphin sightings as they are wild animals they won’t answer any call  – even if about a mile away from the port there’s a fish farm and from time to time dolphins gather around there for a while.

andrea jensen2

To sum it up the area around Alghero offers a lot whether you’re a walker, a swimmer or a climber (and everything in between) so it’s really up to you how many of these activities you will decide to try because it’s all there waiting for anyone whose curious enough the get the best of this stunning island!

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  1. I like those colourful sign posts that says via Ferrata on one of your pics. I remember the one by Stintino with the same style.

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