The charm of the dark side – Wintertime seascape

These winter months are the best to witness the cosmic changes all around you in Sardinia. Epic battles between currents reaching the island both fromm the north and the south. NO, you can’t witness such a show in any other period of the year.



My piece of advice? Find yourself a rock, climb up to the top and take a good look around you. Since we’re talking about an island it shouldn’t be difficult but I would recommend a place in particular – because I’ve been there and I’ll be going back until the last of my days: the road from Alghero to Bosa! Even only driving through these places is spectacular. High ridges on one side of the road and an immense sea on the other. A sort of  brief but intense road trip shaping your mood as the light and the darkness play their everlasting game ignoring you.

So don’t rush. Stop for a while. Put you favourite song on. Or enjoy the silence. There is something bigger than you taking place right here, right now in front of you eyes!


Those ridges I told you about earlier is the best spot to admire this stunning view. So there are two ways to get there: you walk (in that case don’t forget to bring some decent boots and stuff for hiking because it is going to take a while to get to the top) or by car (which is much more comfortable but needs some effort to find the road) – either way I’m here to help you to get there!



Platamona is a 15km long beach north of Sassari which is usually not mentioned in guide books or at least as much as it should be due to the fact that it’s a bit underrated.

Sure there are nicer beaches in Sardinia but it really depends on what you prefer. In hot summer days you will surely find some space for yourself on a 15km long beach unlike in many other ‘top’ beaches. You are a fan of water sports? Platamona is a paradise for kitesurf! And when the weather gets rough this is what you get…





Not to mention the fact that it’s only 15 minutes from Sassari by car and the parking lot is around 10 meters from the beach. There are nine parking lots along Platamona usually equipped with some bars, restaurants and essential facilities. These places are called PETTINE (pettine 1,2,3….) which means combs – as these roads leading to the beach resemble the teeth of a comb.

So this how it was a couple of weeks ago:


And two days ago



Off season for swimming and lying on the beach, for the rest? I don’t really know what it means!





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