Canyoning is the new black

You know I like sharing my experience firsthand about the places I’ve seen in Sardinia because that is exactly what I was looking for when this whole “exploring the island thing” started. This inevitably takes you off the beaten path as you try to discover new spots and perspectives. I guess this what led me to this exciting outdoor activity commonly known as canyoning.

But before I tell you what this is about let me show you some pics of canyoning sites in Sardinia:






I first heard about canyonig (or torrentismo as it’s called in Italy) earlier this year and I was immediately drawn to it. After all these years of hiking and trekking in Sardinia not only the desire to climb up to every peak has risen but the very opposite of it too, in other words “let’s get to the bottom of this”! Besides, if you know how it feels like being stuck somewhere in the shrubland and finding a river bed offering a clear path you’ve got the idea how comforting that can be.

So canyoning seems to me the natural way of exploring amazing places plus you don’t have to climb back again which is a truly cheering feeling, right?

Since I still got to learn a lot about this exciting sport I’d rather not bore you with technical details but show these several places I’ve been to in Sardinia, hoping that some new articles will follow this one as I’m really hooked on this stuff. But then again, who wouldn’t be?


I was quite surprised when I was told that there are several amazing places for canyoning  in Sardinia even though the presence of water is not constant. For the ones who haven’t tried canyoning yet, basically there are two types of this sport: when you get wet and when you don’t. That means that not in every case you need a wet suit and a waterproof bin to keep the essential things dry.

In between

If you are looking for some amazing places to do canyoning in Saridinia these are the places I’ve been to and I can guarantee personally that they are absolutely breathtaking: Riu ‘e Forru (wet), Riu Pitrisconi (wet), Badde Doronè (dry), S’istrampu de su Segnore (mostly dry).

The latter is the one which is the closest to my heart as it is probably the least known of these locations. Call me “old school” but I prefer considering these canyoning routes part of a path and not a mere playground. For that matter reaching the starting point of the descend, carrying the necessary equipment is a sort of initiation, a tuning phase, the sweet talk before a kiss or the Star Wars soundtrack before the movie begins (not the new one though….)


It seems that I know what I’m doing but actually that rope was taken care of by my friend Pietro whom I’d like to thank for his precious pieces of advice

As I told you before I’m quite new to this whole thing but if you are interested in canyoning in Sardinia these are the contacts of some guides I know and can recommend: Corrado Conca, No Rules Team, Sardinia Wild Canyoning. I’m planning to explore as many places as possible so probably I will add some new names to the list (check out my fb page for more info)

Zip – line (you have to try this!!!)


Approaching the next descent
Tobbogan: sometimes you just slide and let yourself get carried by the water


A change of perspective
Looking for some heat

Thanks for my friends for taking some of these pictures as it’s a bit difficult to carry a camera on this trips! Please let me know if you have any questions about this spectacular outdoor activity in Sardinia and I promise I will keep you posted about the latest places I’ll be visiting in these months!

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