First steps on Selvaggio Blu

It’s not a secret that ever since I began wandering in the unfathomably beautiful land called Sardinia I’ve been thinking about Selvaggio Blu, the most stunning trek of the whole island and some say in Europe, too. Just think about walking (bit of climbing and rappelling) for one week (!) among the most stunning mountains, ridges, beaches and forests of the whole island. More precisely we are talking about an area called Ogliastra which I have seen before as you might recall from an earlier posts but the territory is so vast and offers a seemingly unlimited number of scenarios that probably a whole lifetime won’t be enough to see the half of it. Undoubtedly it is one of the most demanding treks I’ve ever heard of but I can’t wait to get started. Now the time has come for a glimpse on what is awaiting there! Let me show you what I’m talking about: the very first part (not completed) of Selvaggio Blu from Pedra Longa to Punta Giradili.

The map shows the entire route of Selvaggio Blu between the two yellow stars (from Pedra Longa to Cala Luna). However we had the chance to take a brief look (if 12km and 750 m elevation is a brief look…) at the fist part as far as to Punta Giradili.

This time I was really lucky as not only I had the privilege to be one of the first hosts of my friend Caterina’s new B&B in the nearby village called Tortolì  (which is by the way in the perfect place for daily hiking trips in the area) but somehow a man caught up with us after a couple of miles basically covering in 20 mins the same distance we covered in 40…. (there I should have figured it out!) Turned out he was Marco, a  friend of Caterina and a real wild guy of the area, exploring every hidden place and spectacular gem of Supramonte and beyond. Check out his pics!

It’s great to meet your local heroes whom you’ve been following for ages on instagram saying: “Shit, how come he gets to see all these amazing places??? I wonder how long it is before we meet somewhere out there…?”

Now we have! Let me show you what I’ve been shown!

I wonder if they saw us too….

Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to approach the path you have chosen for your daily hike in Sardinia. Tracks are often used only by hikers and local shepherds so many of them are not really taken care of. Not this time though. I wasn’t expecting such a picturesque view right from the beginning but actually tha path begins right after the parking lot.

That peak is called Punta Giradili. We’ll get there after more or less 4 hours


This happened about a week ago (mid March) and we felt quite comfortable wearing T – shirts. As a matter of fact temperature rises so high in summer that I wouldn’t recommend these kind of treks in July and August!


Us Oggiastros – a sort of a via ferrata. One of the highlights of the day. It might be steep but by completing it you’ll have a nice detour ….
A surfer is a surfer no matter what circumstances


It’s not a coincidence that it’s called “Selvaggio blu” (the wild blue). The constant presence of this magnificent sea under your feet makes this trek unique and unforgettable.


And rocks everywhere. What rocks! Canyons, ridges, peaks, cliffs, valleys and everything in between. White and Blue
Rush hour in the mountains (those two guys on the left are the only human beings we saw all day)


You might get an idea about the size of these cliffs by looking at our friends on the top left hand corner. That cliff in the distance is – Pedra Longa – the starting point of our hike.


Eden – I guess


There is no doubt about the fact that this area is more than breathtaking but be advised: it is easy to get lost and walking might become extremely demanding considering the weight of the backpack and the rocky surface. Do not try it unprepared (or without a guide, at least not for the first time)



Once you get there you’ll know why that stupid smile all over my face 🙂


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5 thoughts on “First steps on Selvaggio Blu

  1. I am hoping to do this trail this coming March. Can you recommend a guide? It will just be my husband and I. Thanks! Joy

  2. The Selvaggio Blu is a 5-day ‘extreme trek’, involving abseiling, scrambling, and steep climbs, along the isolated, mountainous coastline of Sardinia, with the turquoise sea a constant presence below. The Selvaggio Blu (the “Wild Blue”) is a stunningly beautiful, ‘extreme trek’, along the remote coast of Sardinia. The route – which follows the line of the sea – was developed in 1987 by two Italian mountaineering guides. It crosses thick forests, hidden caves and deep canyons, and combines hiking with climbing and abseiling, with an opportunity to cool off in the pristine water each day.

    1. Hi, I guess the word “extreme” might be a bit misleading as there are various options to complete (or do just one part of it) this fascinating route but it does take an effort to carry heavy rucksacks for many days and face a certain altitude change!

      How was your experience?

    2. Hi, I guess the word “extreme” might be a bit misleading as there are various options to complete (or do just one part of it) this fascinating route but it does take an effort to carry heavy rucksacks for many days and face a certain altitude change!

      How was your experience?

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