Getting high on coastal hiking

Do you know the feeling when you’ve been walking for a while and suddenly you get to have a glimpse on the vastness of the land below your feet? At that moment you picture yourself as one of the great explorers somewhere out there unlocking the misteries of an unknown territory. Having all that beauty in front of me gets me high, leaving a stupid smile on my face while I’m standing there. But hey, isn’t that why we are doing this?

When friends take pictures of me it seems that I’m having deep thoughts or something but actually I’m kind of repeating my mantra: Oh man, how cool is this?

Setting for a coastal hike in Saridinia is definitely one of the best choices you can make. This island offers so much if you know where to look so it would be a pity not to take advantage of it. What I’m showing you in this post are some of my favourite trails on the north west coast pretty close to my home town but there are some spectacular places in Ogliastra and Sulcis – Iglesiente too (I’ll keep you posted as soon as I get there) not to mention the Queen of all trekking routes: Selvaggio Blu – The Wild Blue, one of the toughest and most spectacular trekking in Italy.

The best period for these daily hikes is April and May and you can decide to make a trip for a couple of days or only for a couple of hours making your way smoothly towards a bar on the beach (a pint will emphasize the fulfillment) after a stunning walk on the coast that offers an immense view on the coast and so much more: wild nature,  hundreds of years old Spanish coastal towers, thousands of years old nuraghe and steep ridges rushing into the deep blue sea.


The road I’ve done so many times look so different from above
They had their eyes closed too only you can’t tell because of their sunglasses


Now it took a while to find you! Guess the Spanish got it right where to build their coastal towers
Table for two with a view




Before you start thinking that it’s all sunny and warm in here from April I would suggest you to check the weather forecast before you do anything during your walk on the coast you might come across some wind and brief showers. In our case it seemed that we were walking straight into the clouds!

picnic - only Mario brings a chopping board on a hike!
Picnic – only Mario brings a chopping board on a hike!


Ruins of a long gone barn
Ruins of a long gone barn
That glimpse I told you about
And the beach below with the shack we’ve been thinking about ever since we started descending




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