Kayaking in Supramonte

I have already showed you some of the gems of the mountains of Supramonte and it would be needless to repeat again how fascinating that area is so I’m just going to add one more thing to the list that you can do if you have made the right decision to spend some time in one of the most spectacular places of Sardinia. This time we are paddling!


The place you should look for is called Su Gologone and it’s a couple of chilometers from the village of Oliena. I’d better show this on a map I guess…

Su Gologone has literally become a centre of any kind of outdoor activity you would like to try in the area. There are escursions, hiking and trekking trips and last but not least kayaking!!!!

You can easily find contacts by showing up directly there but we preferred to contact www.sorgentisugologone.it for some info about the availabilty and the equipment that is needed. And here comes the good news: you don’t need any equipment (they are going to provide you with everything) and you can take out the kayaks by yourself which makes the whole thing much more fun!

Before taking those kayaks though I would recommend something you cannot miss once you are there!

– This:




This stunning place is the source of all the water the feeds the river that eventually finds its way to the sea. There have been many attempts to get to the bottom of it but noone has ever reached it. By the way the record until today is 135 metres!!! I guess it takes guts to get down there, though….

It looks like the itself earth cracked open someday showing the depth of its belly but even if the water is crystal clear at some point you will ask yourself how far it goes down.

You can easily reach the spring as it is a five miunte walk from the river bank so don’t miss!

The other reason why you shouldn’t miss this place is this:


So don’t worry about the gear or about the fact that you have never been in a kayak  – it’s so simple that you won’t even realize you are actually doing it – well, that doesn’t mean you won’t get wet if you don’t know how to paddle properly but nothing a break under the sun can’t help!

Piece of advice: bring your costume anyway! Unless you want to wait until your underwear gets dry…

You can choose whether you prefer single (20 euros) or double (30 euros) kayaks. We, being 3 couples decided to take 3 doubles but I heard that single ones are a bit faster and easier to maneuver so I guess next time (and there will be a next time as there is so much more to see) we are going for the singles.

Anyway single or double this is what’s waiting for you:




Passing among high ridges of limestone all along the way

After some time (about two hours in our case) we got to small “landing pad” which is rather a clear area on the river bank where you can leave the boats while you take a walk to the church on the top of the hill nearby. That is where you will find out about the breathtaking beauty of this unique place!

Towards the hilltop



This is how far we got this time but we are planning to go back soon to explore some more of this missing piece of Middle Earth… As a matter of fact I was looking for Aragorn and the others to ask them whether they needed a hand against those orcs on the other side of the river. Didn’t find them though. Really gotta get back!



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